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Apostolic Postcards

An Apostolic Postcard

Over the next four weeks, we will be looking at the four one-chapter books in the New Testament that some have nicknamed Apostolic Postcards.

These books of the Bible have two things in common. They all have just one chapter, and they are among the least-read books in the New Testament, perhaps because of their length, and that is why we tend to flip right past them when we are thumbing through the Bible because we often assume that they do not have anything important to say to us today.

So, join us as we discover the nickname - "Apostolic Postcard" - refers to their length, not the relative importance of their message.

How the Gospel Changes Relationships

26 May 2019

  • Apostolic Postcards

Text: Philemon

Balancing Truth & Love

02 Jun 2019

  • Apostolic Postcards

Text: 2 John

The Story of Three Men

16 Jun 2019

  • Apostolic Postcards

Text: 3 John

How should we live in an apostate world?

30 Jun 2019

  • Apostolic Postcards

Text: Jude 1:1-25