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Podcast Sermons

Life in 6 Words
Honouring Women
Advancement of The Gospel
The Resurrection of the Christ
King for a Day
Isn't she beautiful?
Mystery of Mysteries
How to Love when 'it's complicated'
What you seek you find
Small things make a Big Difference
Jesus' Coming Changed Everything
Foundations of Faith
Jesus war on the Devil
HOPE from the Lions Den
The Story has a Villain
We all have a crucial role to play
God's heart is for us
Would the Real God Please Stand Up?
Jesus turns everything upside down
The Heroes Journey
A Higher Perspective
Content with Captivity?
How on Earth can I be Thankful?
We want a King
The Mobile God
Making Sense of God and suffering
Armour Up
Inner Peace & Strength
AWAKE! O Sleeper
Esther - What am I here for?
World on Fire
Pentecost Sunday
You can't always get what you want
Return to Eden
The 7 "I Am" Statements of Jesus
Saving Samson
Surviving Quarantine & Afterwards
A Rebel with a Cause
Easter 2020 - Empty Tomb
How's Your Love Life
It's a New Day, It's a New Way
moving on
I Believe: The Apostle’s Creed
Plan 2020
Advent 2019
2 Timothy
Our Shared Covenant
An Apostolic Postcard
The Lord's Table
The Mission
Pentecost Sunday
Neighbouring - Love where you Live
Mother's Day 2019
Palm Sunday 2019
I Will Build My Church
Faith That Works
Bridges and Crossings
God wants us to do what to to people at church
New Years 2019
Taking a Fresh look @ Christmas
The Genius of Generosity
A Just Military
Positive + People
The Power of One
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
The Good News
A study of Daniel
Easter & You
King for a Day
The Parables of Jesus
A Stable Influence
Are you Thankfull
The Gospel of John
The View from the Top
We're called to Go
A Place at The Table
For God So Loved The World
The Best Father Ever
The Storms of Life
Decliners & Recliners
A matter of Influence
Taken Hostage
Are we Living in the Last Days?
Amazing Women
“...OK, let’s talk about that!”
The Bullet in the Bible - The Armour of God
Easter 2017 - What God Remembers that We Ignore
The Misunderstood Messiah
Finding God in the Book of John
Renew U
Come to Worship
The Blessed Benefits
The Currency of Koinonia
How to be a Missionary Without Leaving Home
Missio Dei
Incarnation Living
You've Got Mail
Jesus the King
Gratitude 2015
Life without faith... is just a Lie
What would Jesus do?
Values to Virtues
Why we Pray
Ordinary Time
Did God really say That
7 Principles of an effective Spiritual Life
Why did Jesus Have to Die?
Small things make a Big Difference